Ray Of Sunshine Rescue, Inc.
 We at Ray Of Sunshine Rescue, Inc. work as volunteers saving one animal at a time and find them forever homes to be loved and safe for the rest of their days. We rescue animals from kill shelters and drive them to shelters where they can find homes both in the state of Florida and out. We believe in TNR in cat colonies to help stop needless suffering and death of unwanted cats and kittens. We believe every life is important and deserves a chance of a home and hope of adoption.

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One animal at a time. Adopt today!! 81-1174691 (FEI)

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 Spay and Neuter your pets to save lives....

Education is the key to saving innocent lives.  So call us today to book both Little Ray and Wonder (our other blind cat) to be guests in your classrooms or meetings.  Little Ray's book will soon be sold at Amazon. Both boys say "Please adopt a rescue today."

We exist to end needless suffering

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Help end the senseless killing of innocent animals.  Become a foster parent. Adopt a rescue. Volunteer at shelters everywhere. Talk to your city councils to stop kill shelters and make them more animal friendly for adoption. Every life is important. We can make a change one life at a time..

Make a single or monthly donation directly from your bank account, credit card, or Paypal.
Call Us: +1.8133136733

Please donate food, litter, beds, blankets or cash through pay pal.  All cash donations go strictly to the animals in our care. By providing food or vet care. Please adopt!  See most of our adoptable animals on Adopt-A-Pet and Petfinder.  We thank you! Woof! Meow! From all our hearts to yours.



BUY tickets online through PayPal (please use friend to friend) or by mail at 1411 East Jean Street, Tampa FL 33604. Please include a money order, a SASE, your name and phone #. You do not need to be present to win. THANK YOU!!!

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​Buy our T-SHIRTS $20 each any sizeType your paragraph here.

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Then, spend some time... helping us help those in need.

​Little Ray Blind Kitty Extraordinaire!!!!!!!!!!

Together, we can make a difference

1411 E Jean StTampaFL 33604, USA
+1.8133136733 • lisavanlew@gmail.com

Our non-profit is named after a very special cat named Little Ray.  He has been blind since birth.  His Motto is "You don't have to be perfect to be perfect." You can meet him by appointment and he does special events. Please call 813-313-6733.